“Ned Kelly Seminar Papers, 13th/14th November 1993”
Council Of Adult Education, Melbourne, 1995

Transcriber and editor


Matta Of Opinion
A series of articles about Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang written for the now-defunct webpage Bailup.com
Links below are to the pages preserved on Web Archive.

William “Brickey” Williamson – “All that trouble for doing a good turn.”
Page 1.
Page 2.
A short biography of Ned’s friend, Brickey, who played a part in the incident which led to Ned being on the run.

Riding To Disaster – The Police And Stringybark Creek.
The leadup to the terrible shootout which caused Ned and the gang to be declared outlaws.

A Day trip To The Dandenongs.
My only truly original piece of research, concerning an incident while the gang was outlawed.

For Ned.
This was my introduction to, and explanation for, the article A Day Trip To The Dandenongs.

Truth, Lies, And Kelly Fiction.
Page 1
Page 2
My views on Kelly fiction.


“The Hub Of The Town”
Belgrave South Primary School Centenary Committee and Southern Sherbrooke Historical Society, 2007



“Glory days : memories of Belgrave South Primary School and its community”
Southern Sherbrooke Historical Society

Published by Redolant Writers, 2011, Upwey, Vic. :
ISBN 9780987065117


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