Several years ago while filling out a form on an international flight I got brave and put “writer” as my occupation. No-one called the cops so I have continued to use the term ever since. Naomi Foner supposedly once told a young relative who confessed a desire to be a writer that she could either write and be a writer or she could not write and not be a writer: wanting to be a writer had nothing to do with it. So there.

For decades I wrote whatever was called for, from medical articles and historical research to film scripts, but I began concentrating on the short story format in 2006 after being inspired by Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain and relishing the creative freedom provided by online fan fiction. I’m a grandmother, history tragic, Internet junkie and circus student – all activities which feed the imagination – and I live in the hills outside Melbourne. Getting up on stage in a daffy costume is one of my great pleasures.

I am pleased to call Heath Ledger my muse. That gentle, generous and gracious man continues to inspire me in so many ways.